Quick and simple image placeholder

Generate awesome colorful placeholders for your web sites and projects.

Example Image Placeholders

Just some examples of our placeholding images. plchldr.co generates custom placeholder images on the fly, like these examples:

Example Image Placeholders 8
Example Image Placeholders 9
Example Image Placeholders 10

Using Image Placeholders

Use PLCHLDR.CO directly in your project.

Basic Usage Placeholder Images

This is the most basic way to use placeholders. Copy the code and modify the size to your liking.

Random Image Generator

Custom Background Color Placeholder Images

You can use custom background colors with our placeholders, Check out the example code below to learn how to do this.

Lorem Image Generator

Custom Text Color Placeholder Images

You can change the color of the placeholder text easily, Check out the example code below to learn how to do this.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Custom Text Placeholder Images

Using custom text in your placeholders is easy as pie! Check out the example code below to learn how to do this.

Placeholder Image Generator

How to use dummy images?

plchldr.co is a server-side image rendering tool that allows web developers and designers alike to dynamically create images to be used as placeholders in a project. The only required parameter is a number for the image's width. Of course, you also have the ability to supply more parameters, such as height, colors, text and more!

A2 Hosting

Just specify the image size after our url and you’ll get a placeholder image. So the image URL should look this: https://plchldr.co/i/336x280

You can use the images in your HTML or CSS, like this:
<a href="https://plchldr.co/"><img src="https://plchldr.co/i/336x280" alt="plchldr.co"></a>

Specify the width first, then height. Height is optional: if no height is specified, your placeholder image will be a square. https://plchldr.co/i/336 And generates a 336x336 pixel square dummy image.

You can specify text for your image by using a query string at the very end of the URL. https://plchldr.co/i/728x90?text=webdesign

728x90 dummy image

Text is optional. The default is the image dimensions in pixels. You can use A-Z characters, upper or lowercase, numbers, and most symbols.

By default, text is white and the background random color. Colors are represented as hex codes after the dummy image dimensions. For example, #FF0000 is red. Colors must follow the dimensions. The first color is always the background color, and the second color is the text color.


apple dummy imagegodady dummy imageamazon dummy imagelyft dummy image

Best Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Placeholder images are temporary, generic visuals used to replace graphics or text on a webpage during the design process. They are crucial for designers and developers who want to present a design concept to clients before finalizing the layout and content.

These images are easily recognizable and simple to use. Designers can employ them in various projects such as brand development, marketing campaigns, landing pages, company brochures, and corporate identity suites. Placeholder images help visualize the layout when the final images are not yet available.

Using a tool like plchldr.co can streamline this process. This tool generates placeholder images through custom URLs, allowing you to choose the size, colors, and text. It offers numerous options, including width, height, aspect ratios, background and foreground colors, and common preset screen and ad sizes. By using placeholder images, designers save time and can focus on refining their designs rather than creating temporary visuals manually.

What is a Dummy Image Generator?

A Dummy Image Generator is an online tool that creates temporary, generic images for use in design projects. These images serve as placeholders in a layout where the final content is not yet available. Designers and developers use these generators to visualize and test the layout, design, and overall look of a webpage or print project without needing the final images. Dummy image generators allow customization of image size, colors, text, and sometimes even categories and effects, making them a versatile tool for various design needs. They help streamline the design process by providing instant visual elements that can be easily swapped out with the final images later on.